Family Travels

This blog is a family endeavour about our travels. Hope you like it and if you do why not make your own?

I’m Jon, I’m in my mid-forties and counting and I’m an English language teacher, a job that allows the family to travel. I’m from the Birmingham in the UK and I’ve been married to Lorena from Quito Ecuador since 2000 (and also counting) Our two boys are Tommy and Danny born in 2006 and 2008. The boys could euphemistically be described as ‘lively’, but on occasion we have been known to use other adjectives to describe them.

We decided to do this blog because the boys are forgetting where they have been for one and this is a good reminder. Also because we travel a lot and I suppose I would like to encourage other people with young families to do the same. And I don’t mean give up the day job and sail round the world type travelling, I mean whatever is an option. For example a week in Latvia probably comes in for less than a week staying in your own country if you live in Western Europe.

I’ll try to give a few of the pitfalls of family travel on the way, but hopefully the blog will be more for us, so there will be mostly be good ideas about where to go and will include comments in Spanish from Lorena and comments and bits of homework from Tommy and Danny.

If this works well I want to get the boys to contribute more, but to do that I need some traffic I think. If you make a comment directly to them that would be great, maybe along this lines of “I’d like to hear more”, I’ll pass them on and see if it works


Jon – Lorena – Tommy – Danny

6 thoughts on “Family Travels

  1. Nathan Lomax

    !Aupa amigitos! Me alegro de ver que todo os va bien. Menuda experiencia con vuestros viajes. En cuanto a nosotros, llevamos 3 años ya de vuelta en Inglaterra y, por mi, ya es suficiente. Sin embargo no veo que nos vayamos a ningún otro lado hasta que los niños hayan terminado la escuela. Ya veremos. Un abrazo a todos y recuerdos a Tommy y Dani de parte de Leonie & Loy.


  2. Paulina

    HI Jon, Congrats on your blog, it’s so you haha and there’s really good info!! Hope you remember me. I have 2 boys now, they’re 3 and 4. We haven’t started travelling with them yet but we definetely want to do it. My husband and i are travelling to Dubai on vacatio ns in 2 weeks time! ! Any tip? ?
    all the best!!! And please keep posting, can’t wait to read what your kids have to soy 🙂


    1. Hi Paulina, thanks 🙂 when you get to Dubai send me a FB message and we can get together if you have time 🙂 I really recommend you get out camping in the Desert you could try a company like Arabian Adventures for this. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂


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