Having time away from each other

How can it be possible for shiny happy family blogger families to need to get away from each other? And by that I mean every combination of away from each other.

This Summer I’m finding out how important it can be. The kids are away on a two week camp as I write this. Let me repeat that, the kids are away on two-week camp as I write this 🙂 So it’s no revelation that this is a good thing. But I’d like to sell the idea that this is an excellent get-in-your head space time and it is non-negotiable. I for one have felt guilty about wanting escape from everybody, but Lorena has always given me a kick up the arse and told me to bugger off in the nicest possible way.

So while the boys have been away me and Lorena have had two weeks of student living (eating cornflakes while watching Netflix), mixed with soem Guardian reading middle class loveliness (going for some cool tapas nights in La Coruna and Salamanca and having a night or two on the town).

The kids have been in a Spanish camp in Salamanca and we’ve had barely any contact with them, which I think is the point isn’t it? Danny’s had a stomach upset and I get the odd Instagram message from Tommy, but he’s not bothered about staying in touch, which means they’re having a great time.


Over the years we’ve done other breaks as well, In fact this Summer me and the boys went to visit family in the UK and Lorena went to see an aunt in Murcia. We had a packed itinerary and the boys had to be on their toes. Tommy was the map reader and we had to get over a couple of moments where I did NOT act like father of year. Danny was really confident and independent and generally the three of us hung pretty well.


Both me and Lorena have holidays with friends well, I’ve visited friends in Vietnam and way back when the kids were babies I visited Syria and Lebanon, Lorena has been to Turkey and again, back in the day, to Brussels.

The thing is what all the combinations had in common is that you can re-connect with people differently and also re-connect with yourself. Of course if you can’t get away for any length of time just try and make a smaller space, it can be going down the pub with your mates (my usual choice) or doing a regular hobby with friends, in Lorena’s case basketball and netball and in my case the now admittedly defunct Dragon Boating.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, have look at the boys blog entries on this year’s Summer camp.

Tommy’s Summer Camp

Hi my name is Tommy. I went to Salamanca in Spain to attend to a two week summer camp. while I was there we visited unforgettable places on excursions that happened two times a week , we also visited the pool four times a week there was ping pong tables, a big pool, baby pool and a cafe. On the first excursion we went to a river and swam for five hours.



The second excursion we drove to the top of a mountain and visited the old ruins of a town. The third excursion we went to a a man made lake and had lots of fun playing football, volley ball, basket ball and of course swimming. the last excursion that I did not go to was visiting a zoo in Madrid. overall I had lots of fun and made lots of friends that I keep in touch with daily.

The classes were five hours a day and they got boring after two hours  we had a half an hour break after  three hours. For the first hour we would do grammar and the rest of the time we would do our project. The projects where picked by everyone in the class but that took a lot of arguing over which one to pick,we swapped  projects every week   and the ones I did were writing a story about the Plaza Mayor and we’d traveled back in time to when it was being built that wasn’t my favorite one, my favorite one was recycling where we built stuff using recycled equipment.

I made lots of friends mostly from other countries like Germany , France , Antigua , USA and some from Spain. I keep in touch with them every day through messages and social media. i had a great time on all the excursions and great time with my teachers.

Danny’s Summer Camp

I went to a camp in Salamanca called Enforex you do class in the morning and in the evening you do activities you also get to go on excursions. then you get to go to the swimming pool you get to go to the river as well.


I didn’t enjoy one activity which was a horror game. The game was that you had to find a   phone number and call it.I stopped after the first number because it was too scary!!! I liked it when we played cops and robbers!!!Capture.PNG10

we also played board  games but I really do any thing.There was also tournaments such as football, table football, basketball, ping pong.Capture.PNG5

On the last day my mum and dad forgot me and was really looking forward to getting home but unfortunately they forgot me :(.



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