July and August 2013

We went to visit my brother-in-law in 2013 and had an unforgettable 7 weeks in Argentina. We had a couple of weeks in La Plata (with side trips to Uruguay, La Patagonia and Iguazu for the lucky few :)), then we did a three week road trip to Mendoza and back (total of 4000km), then capped it all off with a couple of weeks in Buenos Aires. If I could have stayed I would have, this place is awesome!

Before I go on I need to introduce the extended cast of characters for this trip, as well as the usual 4, there were, the aforementioned brother-in-law Juan David, the Mother-in-Law Lastenia and the Sister-in-Law Domenica. And also before I go much further I want you to know that I did what felt like like several thousand overtime hours to pay for it all…

5 thoughts on “Argentina

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