From 2006 to 2014

The boys were born in Ecuador and while we were living there we visited some really great spots on day trips and short breaks. We also went for a month-long holiday in 2014 and there are snaps from that trip as well.

I’ll include the family stuff we did as a three-piece and and as four-piece after Danny came. So maybe I’ll put the year, some of the trips were up to 8 years ago, so things change.

Danny's Ecuador map
Danny’s Ecuador map



Carnival is forty days before Easter so often falls in February. It’s celebrated all over the country, but some towns celebrate more than others. It may not be Rio, but if you like lots of people spraying each other with funny foam, floats and even more drinking than usual, then welcome to carnival.

Ambato, Riobamba, Caluma and Banos are all well know, we went to Ambato when Lorena was expecting, we went in a cousin’s pick up truck and sprayed all and sundry. If I were to go with the kids I would tie them to somebody as the crowds make a real crush.

Carnaval doesn't really float my float
Carnaval doesn’t really float my float

New Year’s Eve

Here’s a quick guide to New Year’s Eve in La Sierra…

1. Carry pocket change especially if you’re driving because las Viudas (like the ones below) set up road blocks and extort cash for their dead husbands. Expect them to ply you with booze as well….

I don't fancy yours much
I don’t fancy yours much

2. Buy an “anio viejo” these dolls can be bought at different points around Quito.

3. Burn the “viejo” at midnight. Once it’s nicely burning jump over the flames for luck for the new year

4. Drink

Which one to burn?
Which one to burn?
Choosing the anio viejo
Choosing the anio viejo

 All Soul’s Day

And another useful guide to All Soul’s Day…

1. Make Guagas de Pan, if possible at one of the communal ovens found in the smaller towns

2. Make Colada Morada

3. Eat and drink them.

Making Guagas de Pan
Making Guagas de Pan in a communal oven
More guagas
More guagas

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