Spring Festival in Beijing

Call it Chinese New Year, call it Spring Festival or call it bloody freezing cold stay-at-home-and-watch-telly-festival, it’s all the same thing. But depsite the Arctic conditions (quite literally Arctic), we still had enough fun filled photo ops to fill a Blog post, so here goes.

First off, was another trip to the Big Wall. This time with our Spanish mate Cesar as tour guide, along with some other families looking to find a quieter wall experience. And quiet was what we got, and frozen. In fact the first phrase that popped into mind was ‘Winter is Coming’ or was it, $£”% me it’s cold! Anyway walking along a massive wall for a couple of hours will soon sort out that chill in your bones.

Although there really isn’t much to do on the wall, you do get a welcome break from the city and it is the Great Wall of China, so composing braggy blog posts in your head as you’re walking is one way to pass the time. And I do recommmed going with Cesar as he knows a great spot for lunch that had a separate table for the kids and everything!

If all the cold wall wasn’t enough, me and the boys decided to go all out and have some fake snow shennagins at Beijing premier, closest to Beijing and cheapest underhwelming ski ‘resort’. Still if you can get over the fact that there are tower blocks in full view and that the snow feels, well, a bit fake, a cracking time can be had by three skiers for around $100 US all in, which I reckon is pretty ski-tastic. Also it has to be said that as an intro piste, this was well manageable for the kids, who had a fab time, and we’re back at home in a cab 40 minutes after hanging up our skis…

Back in the big pollution, it was time to go to a Temple Fair, which is a thing. And guess what? It was packed! So what is a Temple Fair? Well after going to one I’m not really sure, but it involves stalls and dancing and LOTS of lanterns. Oh and too many people to be any fun whatsoever, so I won’t bother again. If you really must know click on this link once you have got your pinch of salt ready. On a more positive side it was close to the house in our favourite park, Ditan Park