We lived in the UAE from 2009 to 2018, so for the boys that has meant a lifetime.

If anybody is thinking about a life in the sandpit with a family then here are some considerations.

  1. There are some brilliant schools in the UAE, the boys school in Abu Dhabi was really wonderful, in fact we didn’t realise just how great until we had left.
  2. The winters are great. Blue skies and cool evenings.
  3. The summers are torture. End of.
  4. You can get booze no worries, which if you’ve got a young family is a serious consideration (for mum and dad).
  5. It really is sandy. I mean everywhere, expect the bits that are rocky.
  6. You’ve got to be flexible.
  7. There is serious social innequality. Many expats embrace this whole-heartedly by getting a ‘maid’ and then treating her like shit. Guess what, you don’t have to turn into a douche bag to come and live here.
  8. There are cheap flights out of Dubai and you can use it as a great base for travel (hence this blog).
  9. Not everyone here is a Jumeirah Jane/Jeremy.
  10. If you get your heads down and don’t start spending like a Sheikh you can save and still manage to have a bit left over.

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